From a young age I remember being in awe at the beauty of film. It wasn’t until I got to college however, that I began to recall the beauty of films from my youth. I was once again inspired. Now four year’s later I am a graduate in film studies, media studies, and Italian. Yes, learning is something I’m quite fond of. My obsession with film has immensely grown and i’ve come to realize that I will never watch movies like a passive spectator again(for your sake I don’t suggest ever watching one with me). Over time I have encountered shots that have filled me with an excitement as if it was I myself who had captured that masterpiece. I have revisited films only to be reintroduced to shots that I once was enamored with, this has led me to wishing for a way to hold onto these moments. For this reason, I have created this cinetrove, a treasure chest to hold the moments in film that have inspired me and have sent a rush of excitement through my blood. The moments valuable and delightful to me that exist in the confines of the cinematic world. I have learned that even the films that aren’t the greatest can be be visually incredible. This is something I am doing as an archive for myself, but if anyone comes upon this and smiles or discovers something then I will have been more than delighted.mainimage_filmlover_3


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