A Little Princess

Director: Alfono Quàron

Cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki


I didn’t think I would be writing much on this blog but for this particular film, I do have a few words to say. About seventeen years ago I saw this film for the first time and ever since I have always carried a piece of it in my heart. This may come off as an exaggeration but I think a lot of whom I am  as a person is owed in part to this film. A Little Princess is the first film I remember being in absolute awe over. As I grew older flashbacks played in my head, and now seventeen years later I can say this movie is the one that made me fall in love with cinema.It never really dawned on me until I realized, wow, this film impacted me beyond words can say as a child. Despite not seeing the film over the course of years the vividly beautiful shot scenes were eternally engrained in my memory. I honestly believe the reason I have a  double degree in Film and Media studies today is because seventeen years ago this film showed me the magic of movies that I could never forget. Five or Twenty-three this movie will forever be magic to me.



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